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Project Description

Avaya is a recognized innovator leading business communications for the digital age.

Avaya delivers smart global solutions and technologies for customer and team engagement, unified communications and collaboration, contact center and customer experience management, and networking. Avaya is located in Ireland in Galway in Mervue Business Park. Avaya Solutions bring people together with the right information at the right time in the right context, helping to enable a higher level of engagement among customers, teams, employees and partners to improve efficiency and quickly address critical business challenges. Designed to be highly scalable, reliable, secure and flexible, these solutions help reduce costs and simplify management while providing a platform for next-generation engagement and collaboration. They are available in a variety of deployment models including public, hybrid and private cloud as well as on a customer’s premises. All are supported by Avaya’s portfolio of professional and support services.

Avaya is a global leader in team engagement solutions based on unified communications and collaboration technologies. Avaya’s Team Engagement Solutions  quickly and seamlessly bring together the right people at the right time with the right information to deliver business results. Avaya Team Engagement Solutions enable people to focus on the purpose of their interactions instead of the mechanics that enable them to occur.
Today’s workforce  is highly distributed, mobile, and  seeks access to people and information through multiple channels and devices.  Employees need to work with colleagues based in headquarters, regional centers, branch offices, and other remote locations, along with those within the enterprise ecosystem inclusive of supply chain, service providers, channels, and customers.

About Avaya Ireland

Avaya came to Galway on the 5th of April 2011. The Customer Experience Centre is Avaya’s unique global R&D facility which offers customers direct access to developers who can create custom, customer-specific environments showcasing Avaya’s technology and allowing a view of future technologies. By offering real-time access to experts, the Customer Experience Centre is designed to help Avaya customers and prospects understand the true value of real-time collaboration, and see exactly how Avaya’s innovations can help them tackle new business opportunities.